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Mixedmeans is a provider and aggregator of business intellegence.

Mixedmeans is an agregator that provides an holistic approach to brand and product development.

Any business can reduce its  risks and ensure quality by hiring our managed teams.

Package 1
Internet ApplicationsJava, Database in MSql, MongoDB & Postgres,.Net, J2EE, PHP

Pakage 2
Rich Internet Application Frameworks Flex, Runtime Development in flash, Silverlight, HTML 5, Windows 8 Metro, Chrome and Firefox Plugins.

Package 3
System Administration & Networking.
Installation & maintenance of Windows & Unix system administration, Web/Application server install & performance tuning, network administration, user management, security analysis & reports, load balancing, Enterprise System administration & cluster management

Package 4
Mobilel, Ipad, iphone, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, J2ME, Windows Mobile


Robust, ship ready, Web & Mobile Application using SCRUM & Agile Software Development

Mixedmeans creates innovative web and mobile software applications that enables our clients to compete in todays marketplace.

We follow SCRUM an Agile Software Development practice. We rapidly create working software, frequent iterations, offering the highest priority features first for a Ship Ready Product.

Our core competency is in Web application development, Mobile application development and Software Testing. Our framework based development approach facilitates rapid development of robust applications/products.


eBooks, eMagazines, printing, exhibition, Sound & HD video

Creating Brands that work. Corporate Identity is one of the first design solution that a small business needs to address. This is your personality and how the market will perceive you in the years to come.



Mixedmeans is a multi-disciplinary design practice known for good ideas.

Brochures, Catalogs, Billboards, Books,Magazines, Packaging Design, Exhibition design are some of our other offerings. We have a dedicated team who understand print have spent most part of their lives doing  just that.

We have a network of skilled staff both in Melbourne and Sydney. We can design – print and deliver to your doorstep  any where in Australia at no extra cost.



Mixedmeans is a hub of clever people, imaginers, inventors and thinkers who have the capability to take a product or service outside its scope to find new markets. If you are a small business with an excellent idea – talk to us. We believe smart phones are smarter than what we think they are. 74% of […]

June 5, 2012


With escalating costs of paper & ink. Traditional magazine publishing is moving to a cost effective, responsive, scalable medium – the online magazine. The proliferation of smart phone technology and the advent of tablets has made the magazine online more acceptable than a hard copy. We can scale your magazine from HD to mobile phones on any platform (Android, Apple […]

May 31, 2012


We contribute and effectively use beautifully designed templates from other developers. This is a new way of working. We are experts in re-skinning existing sites. We are custom build beautifully designed templates for developers to reuse. You can buy our designs for single use for as little as $25 or get us to design a […]

April 5, 2012


Mixedmeans is a digital communication and brand design agency known for good ideas and the ability to implement them. Mixedmeans provides comprehensive concept, design, content creation and production services for communication and media deployment.

Solutions are the foundation of our work. Realizing them, on behalf of our clients, is what Mixedmeans is all about.We focus primarily on smaller sites for small enterprises and creative professionals.
We redesign or recreate, a positive web presence for smaller budgets.

May 12, 2011


Professional ebook design clearly conveys you’re a credible authority, and you’re devoted to providing real value to your customers. A great appearance and good looks tell your clients that you care about them and want to offer the most enjoyable experience possible.

February 12, 2011